The Way Up is a 12-Step based program; operational for 22 years.



We provide a structured, therapeutic environment for men struggling with an addiction.

Peer and graduate involvement, professional staff, educational groups combined with worksheets, and integration into the larger recovering community at 12-Step support meeting help ensure that the men's addiction and issues are addressed during their stay.


Some of our methods include:

Individual counseling is provided by two Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Randy Flanigan, and Joe Preston.

Therapeutic Integrated Educational Recovery System (TIERS) curriculum for education and TIERS worksheets to promote introspection and recovery:

  • Recovery Action Plans

  • Personal Relapse Prevention Plans

  • Insight into Self

  • Missed Opportunities

  • TIERS Glossary of Recovery Terms 

Active participation from our graduate population that offer guidance as well as sponsoring the current residents in taking the Steps. These men also provide mentoring for adjustment issues at The Way Up having participated in the program themselves.

Men attend a minimum of four off-site 12-Step recovery meetings per week.


Separate groups include:

  • Feelings Group

  • SNS: Where problems, passes, and privileges are discussed

  • 12-Week and Under Group: Further discussion from SNS, timely topics such as holidays, anniversary issues, social events, reuniting with family, passes and pitfalls, early recovery issues, learning to trust in meetings, and conflict resolution with other residents.












Weekend activities may include:


  • On property volleyball

  • Off-property camping, bowling, putt-putt

  • Planned activities to safe cultural and sporting events which round out the schedule

Because we are long-term, we have the time and resources to help men build a solid foundation for their recovery and re-entry into society upon completion.

The Way Up is a work-based program because we believe that when individuals are financially invested in their recovery, it is more valuable to them.

Other Resources for our Residents


The Way Up offers parenting classes and financial planning seminars on:


  • Repairing credit

  • Buying a car or home 

  • Budgeting

  • Learning to save

We work closely with Avita for those men needing additional mental health services. For physical and dental health issues, those men without insurance are seen at our local clinic.  Anger Management is provided by a certified counselor.

We are here to help addicts change their lives. 

If you or someone you know needs help, please call us today.


For admission requirements and interviews:

Marilyn L. Davis: 770-654-1145  

Roland Bagwell: 770-540-0684


Or contact us via email at

Bowling at The Way Up
World NA Convention with Way Up Graduate