We use a proven multi-phase approach to advance a resident to the next phase when they have demonstrated that they are using the resources provided, have developed some coping skills, and have remained drug and alcohol-free. Here is a brief description of each phase:


Phase 1

Phase I is designed to help new residents transition into a treatment setting. Residents are given a 5-day grace period, which allows them time to familiarize themselves with the rules, guidelines, and agendas.


During this phase, residents get a sponsor an begin taking Steps. Educational worksheets and reflective writing help the new resident understand more about addiction and recovery. 

1. Residents will be tasked with finding a job in their first days at The Way Up Rehabilitation. 12 employment agencies work with the residents at The Way Up Rehabilitation to secure employment that meets rules and guidelines for employment hours. 

2. Residents will be assigned a counselor who will assist the resident in learning more about themselves and the disease of addiction.

3. Men complete worksheets designed to help them learn about themselves and addiction. The Under 12-Week group focuses on early recovery issues, family concerns, and lifestyle changes to support the new resident.

4. Residents will also be asked to obtain a sponsor to guide them in working the steps of NA/AA.


5. Once becoming stable and progressing as a Phase I, each resident will serve as house manager for a minimum of 5 weeks. House manager helps to ready the resident for Phase 2.


Phase 2

Being a Phase 2 requires the resident to become balanced at maintaining his own recovery while also assisting the Phase I residents with following all rules and agendas at The Way Up.


As a Phase 2, the resident will be asked to step up into more of a leadership role, and mentor select Phase 1 residents as a Phase 2 advisor.

As residents progress through Phase 2, they are given more opportunities for better decision makers.  As completion of Phase 2 nears, the resident will have become a leader by example for Phase I residents to follow.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is designed to ease the resident back into society as a productive member.  Phase 3 residents have more freedom to make decisions for themselves. While still required to attend AA or NA meetings, they may choose from surrounding counties to broaden their appreciation for recovery support meetings.


Phase 3 residents must complete all 12 Steps with their sponsor, have monies saved for transitioning into living on their own, and act as a role model for newer participants. Welcome to The Way Up is a meeting where all Phase 3's meet with men in the Under 12-Week group to share their experiences at The Way Up Rehabilitation.

How a Phase 3 handles their freedom and responsibilities helps the staff determine when an individual is ready to graduate.


Our graduates own businesses, homes, started families in their recovery, and continue to act as role models for the current residents. With monthly meetings specifically for ongoing recovery issues, we know that these men are continuing the accountability, responsibility, and spiritual values they learned at The Way Up. 

graduates meeting 2.jpg